Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is the first installment of a series of shorts about Artemis and Orion. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you know that Artemis killed Orion in a fit of rage when she thought Orion was unfaithful. We as readers are now treated to the journey and challenges that Artemis must overcome to find Orion on the mortal realm where he is destined to live and die as a human until the cycle is broken.

This short story presented challenges for myself as an animal rights activist and as a reviewer. Artemis is goddess of the hunt. Hmmmm, challenge #1. She just loved killing things, even her own creations that she imbued with supreme beauty and intelligence. I did overcome this challenge Buy on Amazonbecause it was her inherent nature. She did not choose these desires, they were actually who she was. I also weighed this against the fact that she does receive a form of comeuppance. I also was swayed by the superior writing and story weaving of Kelli Lockheart. I kid you not, it took some major chops to make me leave my long held bias behind.

Challenge #2 - Orion is a tad bit uncommunicative. A lot of turmoil could have been avoided if he had just spoke up. Alas, in this time period, men could be lunkheads at times. In addition, Orion was the wronged party in this tale. He doesn't know his past, so he just thinks Artemis is a sexy wench. Personally, I kind of wanted him to remember and exact an appropriate revenge. He does get his pound of flesh though, even if it isn't intended. The story runs hot and steamy without beating the reader over the head with the erotic content. I did enjoy this tiny tale and will soon be reading the next installment. I definitely think it is worth the time.

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